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Drawing upon over a decade of recording and performing experience at the cutting edge of the progressive rock and metal scene, as the guitarist of To-Mera (Candelight Records) and bassist of Haken (Sensory/ Inside Out Records), I've since channeled my musical passions into mastering the technical side of music production. Twelve Tone Studio is my professional music production service, offering competitive mixing and mastering services to the artist who wants to break the mould and stand out from the crowd!

- Tom MacLean

New to the site? Check out the Twelve Tone Studio Summer 2024 Show Reel! Featuring new and upcoming releases for 2024. All produced at Twelve Tone Studio!


I am experienced in a variety of contemporary and traditional mixing styles, and ALWAYS mix to help fulfil YOUR sonic vision.​


I offer mastering services for digital/ streaming, CDs and Vinyl.



Twelve Tone Studio is a fully equipped hybrid digital/ analog mixing and mastering studio based at my home studio in leafy Surrey, UK. My mixing approach is primarily 'in-the-box', utilizing state of the art analog modelling software, reserving analog outboard gear primarily for recording, reamping and non-linear summing purposes. These days, with the ever-improving quality of guitar amp and cabinet impulse responses, limitless drum sample libraries on offer, and even room acoustics modelling software, the computer has really become the complete self-contained studio tool!

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"Starling" by Unsound

"Starling" by Unsound (GER).Melodic 

Pop/Rock. Single. Release date 03/05/24 (Mixing/Mastering)

Cover of Wheel of Time's "The Enlightenment"

"The Enlightenment" by Wheel of Time (CHN/ International).Melodic 

Melodic Progressive/ Power Metal. EP. Release date: 27/11/23 (Mixing/ Mastering)

Cover art to the album Nihilosophy by Earupt

"Nihilosophy" by Earupt (BEL).

Groovy Alternative Progressive Metal. Full length, released on 29/09/2023 (Mixing/ Mastering/Additional Arrangements)

"Live in the Aether" - Quantum (SWE)

Live set by Quantum (2024) - Mixing.

"The Quest" by Sorceress of Sin (UK)

Power metal / NWOTHM. Single from their upcoming third album, "Ennéa" (2024) - Mixing/ Mastering/ Synths/ Orchestration.

"Reflections" by Vedalia (SWE).

Progressive Rock/Metal. Single from their second album, "Cormorant" (2023) - Mixing/ Mastering

"Trilogy Suite" by Martin Szorad (CZE)

Yngwie Malmsteen tribute (2023) - Mixing/ Mastering


"Tom is absolutely a first class level producer and mixing/mastering engineer! He knows the correct direction for the music and will guide you through the production with smooth communication and decent suggestions. Also you can feel and find he puts creative ideas in the mix with proper tones for each of the instruments and a deep understanding of the music. Looking forward to make more music together in the future, thanks a lot!"

Jimmie H. - Wheel of Time

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