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It all starts at the source....

Hire me to record your band!

Capturing the best possible recordings, both sonically and performance-wise, is the key to a label quality production. This requires not only the right quality gear for the job, but also the right approach and mindset. Both of which I can provide for you!


I offer a convenient mobile recording service for bands based anywhere in the UK. Let me bring all the necessary recording gear to you, at a mutually convenient location, or a dedicated recording studio that I can hire on your behalf. 

I will take care of all aspects of equipment set up, recording, comping and editing, so you can just focus on what's important - your performance!

The Mobile Rig

Mobile Studio Gear (Pictured):

- Warm Audio WA73 Microphone Preamp - for adding console grade warmth and saturation to vocal and acoustic instruments. 

- Klark Teknik 76-KT Limiting Amplifier - to help control performance dynamics. This can really help a vocalist stay relaxed and feel supported when singing over 'loud' instrumentation!

- Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (3rd Gen) - 8 XLR input interface.

PLUS (not pictured):

- AKG C414 XL2 vocal and instrument condenser mic.

- SHURE PGA DrumKit7 - seven piece microphone kit for drums.

- 2x SHURE SM57 dynamic mics (versatile microphone that can be used for vocals and mic'ing guitar cabs).

- AKG C451 B condenser mic - mainly for capturing acoustic instruments, but can also be used e.g. as a snare mic. 

- Radial Engineering Pro DI Box - for capturing DI signals from guitar and bass.

- Neural DSP Quad Cortex for amp modelling options. 

- All necessary cables, stands and clamps.

- Portable vocal booth.


Recording vocals at Spiral Studio in Guildford.


Recording drums in The Rhoom rehearsal studio.

Pyramid Studio near Reading - another recording location I can offer.

For more information about how I can help you capture the perfect recordings of your music, please contact me through the button below:

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